St. Anne

St. Anne, St. Anne

I’m going to let you in on a secret. When you type words into a search engine and then click on a link, the owner of that link (blog, ecommerce site, etc.) can see the words in the search that led you to their blog. For instance here are some screen shots from the search engine results. July 8 July 15 Did you notice anything... [Read more...]


Food For Thought, 3 Articles For Weekend Reading

Here are three soul searching, advice filled and thought provoking articles on dating in the New Millennium.  The Lost Art of Discernment: What are your dating habits like? Dear Single Dudes: Matt Walsh gives a kick in the pants to the single guys out there The Chastity Project: Avoid these dating traps. What is one dating tip that you would give?   Read More →

Article Link: A Suitable Sign

St. Therese is a funny one. Many people have recieved ‘signs’ from her in the form of roses, smelling roses, etc.  But sometimes Saints send us ‘signs’ in different ways. Check out this article about one Carmelite’s discernment. Are you discerning the religious life? Have you ever visited a religious order?   Read More →

David Dufresne Seminarian Headshot

Life is a highway

In honor of my friend’s ordination to the diaconate today at St. Peter’s, I am reposting this mediation from him.  Life is a highway by David Dufresne Our life is like a highway. Highways imply a beginning, an end, and a route. There are many ways to get to a singular destination. We speak of the fastest, the most scenic, and the shortest ways to... [Read more...]

Blessed John Paul II

John Paul II and John XXIII Canonization

Read all about it! Read all about it! Two popes to be canonized on Divine Mercy Sunday 2014! Hey, my friend was correct. “The Vatican has announced that former Popes John Paul II and John XXIII are slated to be canonized this coming spring.” To read more, click here.     Read More →

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