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Sunday Girl

It’s my parents 50th wedding anniversary. My dad always tells the story of how mom and him dated. She was his Sunday girl. I love that. You see, my dad dated a few girls at a time. On Friday night he took out one lady and Saturday night another. But my mom was his Sunday girl. They would meet for Mass and then go out for brunch. Each girl knew that the... [Read more...]

Woman In Love

Woman in Love: Book review by Joan

Book Review on Woman in Love: Redefine the Journey to Your Husband to Be Author: Mark Hartfiel and Katie Hartfiel Pages: 148 My best friend of almost 20 years recently got engaged. Her fiancé is an absolutely amazing man, and his elaborate proposal ended with him on one knee in the sanctuary of the Cathedral where they are active choir members. Their beautiful,... [Read more...]


Two ingredients for a happy marriage

The other day was my parent’s wedding anniversary, Congratulations mom and dad!. Throughout the past years I’ve asked friends, family and strangers what they think is the key to a long and lasting marriage. The answers were seldom varied, and for the most part, what I found were two key things: 1. Communication 2. Laughter/joy When I think about it,... [Read more...]


Guest Book Review: Would You Date You?

This book’s been on the list of available ones for a while, but I wasn’t interested. Now I think it might go well with the singlecatholicgirl theme. (Not that every single girl is looking to get married, of course!) The bonus is, the title will (maybe) attract attention when it automatically tweets. That said, the book’s title is misleading,... [Read more...]



I’ve been pondering the age old question of ”the one’, aka ‘soulmate’, and if there really is ‘the one’. You meet those people who seem perfect together, they wear their matchy matchy shirts, share everything in common right down to their love of bagpipes and entomology collections…their soul mate as one might say. Does... [Read more...]

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