Tuesday Five: Makeup Tips

I am not a girly girl. I like to dress up once in a while, but you will typically find me in a t-shirt and yoga pants. Comfy is my style and make up is definitely not one of my strong points. I once tried to apply eye shadow and I looked like a peacock. It was bring and colorful, but that was about it. And once my Loreal Lipstick retired, I found myself at a... [Read more...]


Charm of Dresden

Charm of Dresden has a variety of pretty items to offer including flowing scarves, chic wallets, multicolored beads, and a variety of jewelry. Looking for a gift for your girlfriend? This is the place to shop! We pride ourselves on carrying a variety of unique and hand picked gifts and jewelry that keep our customers coming back to our boutique and shopping... [Read more...]


Fashion Friday: Got Mary?

Remember that old advertisement ‘Got Milk?’ It was really popular in the 90′s and every now and again it pops back up. The ads take famous people put a (fake) milk mustache on them and sell the product. A small Catholic family has taken the Got Milk slogan to a whole new level, their faith. Got Mary is a Catholic website that offers products... [Read more...]


Tuesday Five: Saints for All Hallow’s Eve

Five Female Saints to dress up for your Halloween/Saint’s Day Paaarrrttty! 1. Of course I have to start off with my patron Joan of Arc. Ferocious warrior, woman on a mission, this costume may take some extra adjustments, but you will be sure to be the knight of the night. To get this look: Chop your hair. Put on some armor. Borrow your nephew’s sword. 2.... [Read more...]


How do you see yourself?

How do you see yourself? When you look in the mirror? During the everyday? Check out this video and it may leave you viewing yourself in a new way.  Dove Real Beauty Sketches  What do you think?    Read More →

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