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Tuesday Five: Being a FOCUS Missionary

  Top Five Things of Being a FOCUS Missionary Guest post by Maria Buchholz To most people, the word “missionary” conjures up images of extreme poverty in a third-world country far from the United States. The material poverty of those living in many nations throughout the world is a very serious concern, and the Catholic Church offers a response through... [Read more...]

Novena to Edith Stein, begins today!

Unemployed? I recently wrote a post about five tips on finding a job. But maybe that hasn’t been the icing to your cake this past week. Low and behold while looking for a novena to Edit Stein, feast day August 8, I found out that she is a mighty prayer warrior for those who are unemployed. Whether or not you are seeking employment, join me in praying this... [Read more...]


Tuesday Five: how to go about finding a job

The job market is a tough one. How do you go about finding your dream job, much less to say, just a job? I say, remain open to new possibilities, expand your search by telling others and entrust it to His will. It may take time, but something will come about. Keep praying and trusting. You have to do your part, you know the story of a man on his roof during a... [Read more...]

How to Write a Recommendation Letter

They say things happen in threes This past week I was asked to write a recommendation for one of my students. A week later another student asked me how to write a recommendation letter. A few days later yet another student asked me to write a recommendation for them. How to write a recommendation letter: First paragraph: State how long you have known the person... [Read more...]

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