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Breath of Heaven by Amy Grant  Read More →

Tuesday Five: Christmas Albums!

Top Five Christmas Albums 1.  Charlie Brown Christmas  2. Amy Grant’s Home For Christmas 3. Minnesota based indie group, Low’s ‘Christmas’   4. Jars of Clay ‘Drummer Boy’   5. Your turn! What is one of your favorite Christmas Albums? Comment below to put your favorite as #5.   Read More →


Tuesday Five: Rich Mullins

I’ve been wanting to write a post about Rich Mullins for a few weeks now. Sharing with you the incredible faith he had, the life he lived and his seemingly on the path of conversion to Catholicsim. Rich Mullins is one of the greatest Christian music artists out there. He jives between heaven and earth singing praises to our God through songs like ‘Awesome... [Read more...]

Sister CD

First Thursday Giveaway: Mater Eucharistiae

‘You encounter God when you encounter beauty’ Mater Eucharistiae, the first recording by the Dominican Sisters of Mary, is a masterful piece of melodic, angelic voices. Who are these ladies you ask? Established in 1997, they are one of the youngest orders and fastest growing orders around. They Dominican sisters administer and staff small, private... [Read more...]

Fortunate Fall

Audrey Assad: Fortunate Fall

Audrey Assad has a new disc out featuring a collective of meditative and thought provoking songs. She took the initiative to do a grassroots campaign through Kickstarter in order to produce this CD. Well done, Audrey, well done. Here is one of her featured songs: You may purchase her album on itunes or at her online store here.   Read More →

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