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First Thursday Giveaway: Mater Eucharistiae

‘You encounter God when you encounter beauty’ Mater Eucharistiae, the first recording by the Dominican Sisters of Mary, is a masterful piece of melodic, angelic voices. Who are these ladies you ask? Established in 1997, they are one of the youngest orders and fastest growing orders around. They Dominican sisters administer and staff small, private... [Read more...]

Article Link: A Suitable Sign

St. Therese is a funny one. Many people have recieved ‘signs’ from her in the form of roses, smelling roses, etc.  But sometimes Saints send us ‘signs’ in different ways. Check out this article about one Carmelite’s discernment. Are you discerning the religious life? Have you ever visited a religious order?   Read More →

Carmelite Video

My friend had this posted on her Facebook page, it’s a beautiful video, just not sure about Beyonce?    Read More →

Girls Just Wanna Be Nuns

This is so awesome, anyone know who these people are? Hilarious!  Read More →

NCRegister Article: Who’s Choosing the Religious Life?

Who’s Choosing the Religious Life? Study Says Newly Professed Are Young and More Educated Read more here  Read More →

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