NCSC 2013 Philly

NCSC Philadelphia

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Tuesday Five: Reasons to Attend NCSC

The next National Catholic Singles Conference is just around the corner! This September 27-29 you have the chance to socialize with hundreds of other Catholics, grow deeper in your prayer life and hear some awesome speakers! Here are five reasons to attend the NCSC happening this fall in Philadelphia, PA. Fall in love with Jesus more. Time for prayer, Adoration,... [Read more...]

empty pews

Pew Isolation

I recently had dinner with three fabulous girls. One is married, the other two are single. Our conversation turned towards the single life and we discussed how one of the most difficult things for a single girl is attending Sunday Mass. You walk into church  and find yourself in a pew surrounded by families on all sides, or worse, you find yourself sitting completely... [Read more...]

Sacred Heart

Yesterday my sister-in-law and I were talking about human hearts. She read somewhere that people who have heart transplants will conjure up memories that are not their own but from the person whom heart they have received. Ever see that movie with Minnie Driver, Return To Me? It may sound cheesy or a bit out there, but it does make you wonder. Think about these... [Read more...]

Downton Abbey: Lady Edith style

Last week’s Downton Abbey episode started out with Lady Edith exuberantly exclaiming, “Something happening in this house is actually about me.” The girl, seemingly cast in the shadows at her stately home, is now in the spotlight, but only for a moment.  But first let’s jump back to season 2 with a little foreshadowing taking place: Season... [Read more...]

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