Tuesday Five: What is your Personality Profile?

I ran across this book a few weeks ago and thought it might be a nice companion to The Life God Wants You To Have and I turned out to be right. 48 Days to the Work You Love brings you through a guided process into finding the right job for you. I’ve been on job searches hundreds of times. I’ve taken jobs that I’ve loved and some that I haven’t.... [Read more...]


Give Us This Day

Praying the Our Father at Mass yesterday, the words ‘give us this day our daily bread’ struck me. God gives us what we need to get through our days. We need food and nourishment to survive physically. We need his grace to survive spiritually. Receiving this grace through the Sacraments is another reminder, to me, that when we are going through a... [Read more...]


First Thursday Giveaway: Spiritual Bouquet

BBQ’s, parades, sailing, bocce ball, softball, hot dogs, and fireworks. How do you celebrate the Fourth of July? It’s our country’s birthday tomorrow and to celebrate I am giving away a spiritual bouquet. 1. Offering up one Holy Communion 2. A rosary said for your intentions 3. A random act of kindness a Rafflecopter giveaway  Read More →


Renewal of Your Mind

Have you ever thought about the impact your thoughts can have on your daily life? Do you hear yourself complaining a lot? Or looking at the negative instead of the positive? St. Paul tells us to be transformed by the renewal of our mind. It begins there with training our thoughts from the negative into the positive. We can actually train our brain to think in... [Read more...]


Not Just Bread

My 10 year old Protestant niece asks me the other day, “Auntie, you know those wafers you get at church? Those white things?” Yes. Have you tried them before? Yes. Are they any good? They’re out of this world. But are they any good? Yes, they are, but they’re not just bread… The little sprite interrupts, Well, did you know that you can... [Read more...]

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