The Presence of a Saint

I’m not one for ceremonies, I didn’t even attend my own college graduation. So when my friend invited me to Rome with her to attend this Sundays canonizations of two extraordinary men, I declined. Why in the world would I want to stand with a million other people just to hear the words spoken? Did I mention that I’m not one for crowds either?... [Read more...]

Modern Day Saints

This upcoming Sunday we will celebrate the canonization of two historical Popes, men who not only contributed greatly to the church but have loved with such passion and zeal, they illuminated Christ himself. As we look to their canonizations, we are reminded that we are all called to be saints. Every single one of us. We are called to be witnesses to the faith... [Read more...]


Image of Love

Sixth Station: Veronica wipes the face of Jesus As Good Friday fast approaches, we pause and reflect on his Passion and Death in the Stations of the Cross. At the sixth station we find a woman of inner strength, courage and faith. In a particular way, as women, we can look to Veronica in her feminine beauty and learn to cultivate her attributes. Her veil, a... [Read more...]


Settlers, Take 2

In a former post I spoke about the game, Settlers of Catan, and how it relates to our path and goals in life. It’s a strategic game where while playing it, you might change your strategy not once, but two or three times in order to win. You can read that post here. In the game, you need to collect resources in order to build anything or to get ‘development... [Read more...]


Catholicism: The Life of Prayer

Remember that DVD set, Catholicism, that came out a few years ago? Beautiful imagery. An eloquent speaker. A simplistic, but insightful outline of our faith. Father Barron has also published a book bringing more insight into our faith. It’s worth checking out. As I scrolled through the chapters, my eyes and heart were intent on one: Chapter 9: The Fire... [Read more...]

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