Three Gifts of Therese

Three Gifts of Therese of Lisieux & #LittleWay

The first time I read Story of a Soul was my year after serving with NET Ministries. My teammate was a big fan of St. Therese and thought I would like her too. She gave me her well worn copy. It was highlighted, dog-earred, underlined and the spine was breaking. 15 years later, that same copy holds a space on my shelf, a little more worn, underlined and now completely... [Read more...]

Ignatius Study Bible

From Precious Moments to Ignatius Press

I think I’ve owned a total of three Bibles in my life: 1. My pink Precious Moments Bible from my childhood. 2. The New American Bible (NAB) that showed me Catholics had ‘extra books’, given to me by the TEC community. 3. The one my homegirl, Shawn, the hippie mystic that she is, suggested I read in college: The New Jerusalem Bible. She thought... [Read more...]


Book Review: Running Hard, Finishing Strong

Running Hard, Finishing Strong: 7 Steps to Building Momentum in Your Spiritual Life by Rick Sarkisian In Running Hard, Finishing Strong, the author gives strong advice on how to connect the dots in your life and bring meaning into the events that God has lead you through. Each chapter offers practical advice in unveiling where you have come from, where you are... [Read more...]

God's Bucket List

Book Review: God’s Bucket List by Teresa Tomeo

Do you remember the movie, Bucket List? It came out a few years ago about two older men who have a terminal illness. They write out a list of things they want to do before they die. It is a funny and heart warming story.  Teresa Tomeo kept asking herself what about God’s Bucket List? Or our Bucket List centered on Him? So she wrote about it. God’s... [Read more...]

Catholic Dictionary

Tuesday Five: Catholic Dictionary, a must have!

The Catholic Dictionary: An Abridged and Updated Edition of Modern Catholic Dictionary by John A. Hardon, S.J. is a must have for any Catholic who likes to study the faith, doesn’t like to study the faith or doesn’t even know how to read…it’s that good.  I have been wanting to review this book after first being introduced to it through... [Read more...]

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