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Body Image

Book Review: Body Image Through Catholic Teaching

In his book Body Image Through Catholic Teaching, author John Acquavia exposes the truth behind the misconceptions that our society throws at us today. Our society is inundated with photoshopped images of ‘perfect’ women (and men!). It’s not reality. It’s not truth. And it’s not beautiful. Where do we get our perceptions on our bodies?... [Read more...]


Tuesday Five: Books That Changed My Life

Books come into our lives at different times for different purposes, sort of like friends. And like friends, some have a great impact and stay with you forever. Here is a list of five books (aside from Sacred Scripture) that have changed my life. It is not a reflection of the five best books out there, or even the five books that you must read. Just a list of... [Read more...]

Angels and Saints Book

Book Review: Angels and Saints

One of my favorite saints is St. Therese of the Child Jesus and the Holy Face. She didn’t ‘do’ much, yet at the same time she did. As she lived behind the cloistered walls, she did every little act with such great love that it turned her ‘doing for love’ into ‘being love’. When I traveled with NET Ministries I was put... [Read more...]

Three Gifts of Therese

Three Gifts of Therese of Lisieux & #LittleWay

The first time I read Story of a Soul was my year after serving with NET Ministries. My teammate was a big fan of St. Therese and thought I would like her too. She gave me her well worn copy. It was highlighted, dog-earred, underlined and the spine was breaking. 15 years later, that same copy holds a space on my shelf, a little more worn, underlined and now completely... [Read more...]

Ignatius Study Bible

From Precious Moments to Ignatius Press

I think I’ve owned a total of three Bibles in my life: 1. My pink Precious Moments Bible from my childhood. 2. The New American Bible (NAB) that showed me Catholics had ‘extra books’, given to me by the TEC community. 3. The one my homegirl, Shawn, the hippie mystic that she is, suggested I read in college: The New Jerusalem Bible. She thought... [Read more...]

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