The Four Fabulous Facets of My Man

A few years back, on a bright, lovely summer day in the mountains of Colorado, an older friend of mine and I were chatting it up about guys, dating and marriage. Lots of people in life are going to offer you advice, some good (look both ways before you cross the street) and some bad (yes, rolling your jeans is cool). You live and you learn. Her name... [Read more...]

chris-about-page Chris Stefanick; advice to the single Catholic girl

Last weekend I saw my friend Chris Stefanick. He is a chastity speaker and shares the faith with a vibrant message. He graciously accepted to conduct a short video. Check out my sweet video skills and listen to him offer advice to the SCG. Click ChrisStefanick    What is some other advice you would give? Archbishop Charles J. Chaput has called... [Read more...]

Tuesday Five: Ways to meet a good, Catholic man

We all know that ‘our hearts are restless until they rest in thee’, but the journey to that resting sure is nice with a partner along the way. Not someone who will be your end all or will ‘make you happy’, but someone to just share the journey of life with and contribute to the happiness that is already there. If you are looking for a friend... [Read more...]

What are your Boundaries?

While driving home from work today, I ventured upon a strip of pavement that was missing those special yellow and white lines. It was fascinating to watch the cars ahead of me and around me as everyone tried to finagle their way down the road not hitting one another. The guy to my right slowed down to almost a stop. The traffic in front of me assuredly... [Read more...]