lipstick Fashion Friday: Makeup

Jen at Conversion Diary has a great post that really shows how a little bit of makeup can go a long way, check it out.    I have never been a makeup girl. A little bit of lipstick, maybe some blush, that’s about it. But last week I had on some mascara and little bit of makeup and my sister told me that I look good... [Read more...]

Tuesday Five: How to dress modestly

Definition of Modesty  1: freedom from conceit or vanity 2: propriety in dress, speech, or conduct Modesty is not just about the way you dress, it’s about the way you carry yourself, it’s about your speech and your attitude, but the way you dress does make a difference. Sometimes I think as women we don’t realize that the... [Read more...]

Fashion Friday: What to Wear to a Holiday Party

What to Wear to a Holiday Party Simple Night: Your sleek, black slacks with a colored blouse. The basic look for a holiday party, you can’t go wrong! Add some fine jewels to make it sparkle a bit and you will be oh la la! New York & Company Shirt Fancier Shindig:  A simple cocktail dress JC Penny has some adorable and affordable dresses Fun... [Read more...]

Fashion Friday: Muppets movie – Amy Adams styling!

Well ladies, it’s about time that a film features a lady in bold, pretty and modest dress. I have to hand it to Amy Adams, she pulls off the look very well in the latest Muppets movie. If you haven’t seen it, seeing her numerous outfits is enough reason.         So girlie! Love it! Too cute! Adore the blue with the... [Read more...]