richmullins Tuesday Five: Music for the Soul

Five songs for grace, love and mercy. Enjoy!   1. Hold Me Jesus by Rich MullinsĀ    2. Love Song for a Savior by Jars of Clay   3. Agnus Dei by Michael W. Smith   4. All I Want To Do by Ginny Owens   5. Shelter Your Name by Danielle Rose  Read More →

7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 2)

1. Here is my 2nd go at it for 7 quick takes. 2. Did you hear that the next WYD is going to be in Brazil! It reminds me of the time my roommate and I were invited to an all out Brazilian dance club one night. Not only were we the only Americans there, the Brazilian babes kept looking at us and speaking portuguese in a way that I could just tell they... [Read more...]

7 Quick Takes Friday

1. This has been the week of weather havoc. First, the earthquake that emerged seemingly out of nowhere (creature from the black lagoon reference here anyone?). Then the aftershock that startled me out of bed on Wednesday night. The severe thunderstorm last night where I raced around town looking for needed supplies before Hurricane Irene hits this... [Read more...]

Romans 8:18

This past Sunday was one of the more difficult Sundays I have had in a while. Due to my forgetfulness (or the work of the Holy Spirit), I arrived to Mass 30 minutes early thinking it started at 9am. I was feeling especially lonely this morning andĀ I sat in my car ‘Kip’ for a good 15 minutes before heading inside. I didn’t want to... [Read more...]


God is our everything. More than our deep desire to spend our life with another, He is all that we truly need. Let us fall deeper in love with Him, not today, not tomorrow, but right now. At this moment. Pour out your heart to the Lord. Pray with me; Father, I want you more than my desire for another. I want to know you, serve you, truly love others... [Read more...]

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