Fashion Friday: You are Beautiful, just the way you are!

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“Maura Byrne is a former Varsity Catholic missionary. In September 2011, she launched Made in His Image, a non-profit organization that exists to offer hope and healing for women recovering from physical and or sexual abuse and eating disorders. Maura is dedicated to educating women about the love of the Father, their inherent dignity as daughters of God, created in His image and likeness.” Read this article on how beautiful you are. :)


What do you think keeps women from seeing their true beauty? 

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2 Responses to “Fashion Friday: You are Beautiful, just the way you are!”
  1. Olivia says:

    Girls are competitive. They like to put each other down (starting at a ridiculously young age) in order to build themselves up. And when you’re told you’re not pretty often enough, you start to really believe it. Our culture doesn’t help the situation because it tells us that we need to dress like skanks and be as skinny and made-up as possible to be worth anything… and even if we know it’s not true, it’s hard to remind ourselves of that because it seems like that’s the kind of girl that boys like! Ugh.

    Thanks for sharing this article, it was literally the best.

    • singlecatholicgirl says:

      Interesting thoughts, Olivia, thanks for posting. If ‘that’s the kind of girl that boys like’, we know that is not the kind of boy we would want.

      There are good men out there, ones who can see true beauty in the feminine genius. But first, let us learn to see it in ourselves. Recognizing we are daughters of the King.

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