Tuesday Five: Essential items, don’t leave home without them!

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Five essential items for traveling oversees:

1. Ear Plugs: Yes, these little tiny companions can become your best friends 

  • help you sleep while Spain is up at 2:37am
  • in noisy airplanes, crying baby? No problem!
  • Ear trouble? Ear plugs can help with the air pressure. You do need to put them in before the cabin door is closed for takeoff and not remove them again until the cabin door is opened after landing.
  • Staying in a hotel/hostel room with others, keeps the snorers from bothering you
  • I always carry 2 pairs, in case I drop/lose one

2. Scarf: This accessory can serve for so many purposes

  • Cute accessory to add to your outfit
  • Have the chills? Use your scarf for extra warmth
  • Head covering for church
  • Shoulder covering; some churches in Europe require your shoulders to be covered in order to enter

3. Essential oils:

  • Helps with unpleasant odors (on the plane and off)
  • Can help with ailments

My favorite is Young Living’s peppermint; good for:

  • Fever reduction, cools you off instantly
  • Cramps, put a few small drops below your belly button and on your lower back if you get back cramps

But whatever you do, DO NOT TOUCH YOUR EYES after using. They will STING for a long, long time.

Don’t buy just any essential oils, they are made differently, the reason Young Living essential oils are more expensive is because they are like the Prada or Gucci of essential oils. But if you are absorbing them into your body, you only want the best!

4. Copies:

  • Of your passport, if it gets stolen, it will be a LOT easier to obtain another copy from the Embassy if you have a photocopy of the original. 
  • Of your credit cards, that way you have all of the information, their phone number, your numbers, etc.

5. Phone numbers

  • Loved ones you want to call (do you know your mom’s cell number by heart?)
  • Credit card company phone numbers
  • US Embassy, in case you need them!
  • Airline you are traveling on; for change of flight, check flight status, etc.

What other items would you list as ‘essential’ for abroad travel? 

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2 Responses to “Tuesday Five: Essential items, don’t leave home without them!”
  1. Olivia says:

    How timely! Thanks for the tips :)

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